Car Servicing

     Valeting and Detailing

Special Offers

  NGK Spark Plugs

  Contact Set


  Rotor Arm

  Distributor Cap

  Ignition Lead Sets

  Air Filter or Filters

  Oil Filter

  Fuel Filter

  Rocker Cover Gasget

 Engine Service Kits

 Special Offers

 Front Suspension

 Rear Suspension

 Brake Components

 Steering Components

 Electrical Switchgear

 We Offer A Fast Worldwide Mail Order Service

 We Are More Than Happy To Deliver Your Parts Free Of Charge Anywhere On The Island

 Wishbone Bushes

 Wishbone Bolts

 Shock Absorbers

 Shock Absorber Bush

 Front Coil Springs

 Lower Trunions

 Trunion Bush Kits

 Top Ball Joints

 Lower Wishhbones

 Top Wishbones


 Tie Bars

 Tie Bar Bushes

 Leaf Spring Pad

 Spring Eye Bushes

 Shock Absorbers

 Shock Absorber Bush


 Hub Bearings

 Universal Joints

 Verticle Link



 Front Brake Pads

 Brake Discs

 Brake Calipers

 Rear Brake Shoes

 Brake Cylinders

 Brake Adjusters

 Brake Backplates

 Brake Hoses

 Hand Brake Cables

 Brake Fitting Kits

 Steering Racks

 Rack Mountings

 Rack Gaiters and Clips

 Steering U/J

 Colomn Bushes

 Anti Roll Bar Bushes

 Anti Roll Bar Mounts

 Bar Link End Joints

 Track Rod Ends

 Steering Wheels

 Overdrive Switches

 Indicator Stalk

 Main Beam Stalk

 Brake Lamp Switch

 Dashboard Switches

 Reverse Light Switches

 Starter Solonoid

 Radiator Fan Switches

 Battery Isolator

 Washer Pumps


     Above is just a little selection of the mainstream parts that we sell on an

   everyday basis. Feel free to contact us for any of those elusive new or used     serviceable parts you may be seeking as we have a huge database of contacts